We attended the Enterprise Nation Small Business Election Debate at Accountants Hall, in the City.

There we got to ask politicians in person about bringing in Shared Parental Pay for the self-employed. Labour’s support for this policy is outlined their manifesto, but at the time of writing, the Green and UKIP manifestos had not yet been published, and  the Lib Dem and Tory manifestos both defer to the recommendations of the Taylor Review.

Rachel Collinson, Business Spokeswoman for the Green Party explained her party’s policy of Universal Basic Income, which would give self-employed parents an income to while they were looking after young children, but also confirmed that the party would support Shared Parental Pay for the self-employed if it came to a vote in Parliament.

Lord Palmer, for the Liberal Democrats, whilst sticking to the manifesto line of awaiting the outcome of the Taylor Review, did concede that Shared Parental Pay for the self-employed seemed like “A good idea”.

Matt Hancock, for the Conservatives, would not be drawn on commenting on any changes to legislation, saying he would await the findings of the Taylor Review, to which we of course have submitted a report.